Code consultation 2023

The Code of Fundraising Practice underpins the system of voluntary self-regulation which fundraisers commit to and provides a framework for assessing public complaints. By taking part in this consultation, you can comment on our proposals to change the code and help ensure that the updated version remains effective and relevant for the future. 

The consultation is open until 1 December 2023. Find out more about the code review

Overview: parts A, B and C

These parts contain an overview of our proposed changes, questions about expanding the code, and a summary of amendments to existing code rules. This is the best place to start reading the consultation as many respondents may only have comments on these parts.

Part D: detailed changes for each section

In this part, you will find our proposed changes for every section of the current code. This is the longest part of the consultation and demonstrates our plans to give you a better understanding of how the revised code could be presented. We don’t expect many respondents to comment on every section of Part D.

Standards: All fundraising

Standards: Working with others

Standards: Specific fundraising methods