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Note: MUST* and MUST NOT* (with asterisk) denotes legal requirement

MUST and MUST NOT (without asterisk) denotes requirement of the Code of Fundraising Practice

7.1       Preparation


a) In addition to complying with section 5.7, Organisations MUST NOT send direct marketing mailings to individuals registered on the Mailing Preference Service where no prior relationship can be evidenced.

b) Organisations MUST consider MPS registration as part of their Legitimate Interest Assessment if intending to process an individual’s data for direct marketing purposes under the legitimate interest condition.

7.2       Mail Enclosures

Enclosures can include incentives to encourage donations, inserts that demonstrate the work of the organisation or thank you gifts. Whether sent as standalone items or within other fundraising material, they are subject to the same considerations as other mailed fundraising content.

7.2.1   Fundraising organisations MUST be able to demonstrate that the purpose of an enclosure was to enhance the message and/or the emotional engagement in the cause and not to generate a donation primarily because of financial guilt or to cause embarrassment. (See also Rule 1.3.3 Rewards/ Incentives and Benefit Packages).

7.2.2   Fundraising organisations MUST consider the safety of any enclosures.

7.2.3   Fundraising organisations MUST NOT use enclosures that might cause inconvenience in achieving delivery, unless the donor knows or has requested it.

7.3       Reciprocal Mailing

Reciprocal mailing describes a situation in which two organisations promote each other by post in order to gain a mutual benefit.

See section 5.2 (“Processing data and database practices”) and 5.3 (“Buying and Sharing Personal data”) for considerations related to Reciprocal Mailing.