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A complaint about the content of a charity mailing: Mr M

The complaint

Mr M complained about disturbing messaging on the outside of a charity's mailing. Despite asking the charity to remove his details from its database, the charity continued to contact him.

Our findings

We found that the charity failed to action a number of requests from Mr M to remove his details from its mailing list after he withdrew his consent.

We found that, despite being told that his request had been actioned, Mr M continued to receive emails from the charity two months later.

We found that, although the charity did not handle Mr M’s complaint appropriately, it did act on the learning identified by the complaint.

Finally, we found that the mailing was not indecent or grossly offensive, nor intended to cause distress or anxiety.

Our recommendations

The charity made significant changes to its processes as a result of Mr M’s complaint to reduce the risk of someone else having a similar experience. Mr M did not wish to receive an apology for the failures identified through our investigation. We, therefore, did not make any recommendations.