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Note: MUST* and MUST NOT* (with asterisk) denotes legal requirement

MUST and MUST NOT (without asterisk) denotes requirement of the Code of Fundraising Practice

13.1 Legal References for this Section

The following Legal Appendices MUST be read in conjunction with this section of the Code of Fundraising Practice • L13 Raffles and Lotteries

13.2 Key Points and Legalities

a) This area is one of the most heavily regulated fundraising activities, but also one of the most popular. The range of regulation is set out in detail in the Legal Appendices (L13 Raffles and Lotteries) and MUST* be followed.

b) Additional standards are included in the Legal Appendices (L13) and MUST be observed.

There are additional requirements for Society lotteries which enable users to participate through a premium rate phone service. You can find further information in Section 9.6.2.

The Gambling Commission should be referred to for queries and up-to-date guidance and advice.

There is more information about raffles and lotteries in the Institute of Fundraising’s Raffles and Lotteries guidance