Five years of effective regulation

In 2021 the Fundraising Regulator marks its fifth anniversary of regulating fundraising in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We were set up in 2016 to deliver a new, more visible, approach to regulation, to instil greater public trust in how charities ask for donations.

Five years on, the Fundraising Regulator continues to deliver independent self-regulation that ensures public protection, accountability and excellence in fundraising. We are proud to report on our impact over the past five years.

Note, the information on this page is accurate as of 31 December 2021 and is no longer being updated.

"Created five years ago in the wake of media exposure of some unacceptable fundraising techniques, the Fundraising Regulator has proved itself a well led and governed body which commands the respect of the sector, the public and the Government. It has ensured that professional codes are modernised and is itself sustainable. It has proved against the naysayers that self-regulation can work and in that it provides lessons for the future."

Sir Stuart Etherington, Chair of the 2015 cross-party fundraising review panel, which led to the Fundraising Regulator's set up.

Headshot of Sir Stuart Etherington

"From poverty relief to conducting world-class research, the British public’s generosity fuels much of the vital work that charities deliver. Underpinning this generosity is trust and confidence in the fundraising practices of organisations that people donate money to. By providing clear and consistent standards for charities to follow, the Fundraising Regulator has promoted a culture of ethical fundraising that both protects donors and supports the vital work that charities do every day."

Sarah Vibert, interim CEO, National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO)

Headshot of Sarah Vibert

"The Fundraising Regulator provides an important mechanism to build public trust and confidence in charities. As its presence has grown in Northern Ireland, it has become an essential source of standards, information and assurance for charities and the public by setting out clearly what good fundraising looks like and what can be done about bad practice. The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland looks forward to continuing to work closely with the Fundraising Regulator in the coming years."

Frances McCandless, Chief Executive, Charity Commission for Northern Ireland

Headshot of Frances McCandless

"Five short but very effective and full of action years since the Fundraising Regulator became operational, it added a most needed added value to the fundraising eco system and helped improve donors-charities relationship."

Fadi Itani, CEO, Muslim Charities Forum

Headshot of Fadi Itani

"Over the past five years, the Fundraising Regulator has helped to ensure that standards in fundraising keep improving and responding to the ever-changing landscape charities operate in. CFG is pleased to see the Fundraising Regulator develop and maintain a productive and collaborative relationship with fundraisers, working to provide guidance and support, whilst fostering the highest standards in the pursuit of charitable aims."

Caron Bradshaw OBE, CEO, Charity Finance Group

Headshot of Caron Bradshaw

"Through the Code of Fundraising Practice, the Fundraising Regulator offers voluntary organisations in Wales clear guidance on their fundraising activities, helping organisations of all sizes to plan high quality and best practice fundraising activities. The Regulator has created an open and approachable face of regulation which feels, after an inevitable period of ‘bedding in’ that we are all working towards the same goal with shared understanding of the issues from both charities and the public’s perspective."

Ruth Marks, Chief Executive, Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA)

Headshot of Ruth Marks