Our governance

We’re governed by a non-executive board of directors, drawn from inside and outside the sector. As a company limited by guarantee, our directors are responsible for the overall control and strategic direction of the organisation.

The board is guided by recommendations from three committees.

  • The complaints and investigations committee reviews our casework performance and determines the outcome of certain individual complaints.
  • The standards committee oversees changes to the Code of Fundraising Practice and guidance we produce.
  • The finance, audit and risk committee monitors financial performance, risk and HR issues.

You can view the board’s terms of reference and articles of association

Minutes from the most recent Board Meetings are summarised below.

The Board held a full meeting via videoconference due to the restrictions in place because of Covid-19. 

The Board noted the most recent developments in relation to the easing of Covid restrictions in England and the impact this would have on the guidance for fundraisers and also the return of staff to the office.

The Board discussed the Budget and Business Plan for 2021/2022. The Board noted that this is the final year of the current strategic plan period and in many ways is a year to lay the groundwork and prepare for the next strategic plan. The Board agreed that the business plan would be published by 1 September 2021. 

The Board discussed the arrangements for the 2021/22 levy as invoices will start to be issued in late August. The Board were also informed of the high level of charity registrations including the fact that registration renewal rates were now over 90% up from 84% in the previous year.

The Board discussed the management accounts and the investment policy. 

The Board noted the changes that are underway to bring the Fundraising Preference Service in line with the recommendations in the Review of the FPS. These changes are due to come into effect in the Autumn. The Board noted the need for a clear communication plan to support the sector in understanding the changes.

Finally, the Board discussed the increases in complaints numbers that have occurred over the last 3 months. The Board noted that there is no clear reason for the increase and that complaints continue to cover a range of issues.

The Board held a full meeting via videoconference because of the restrictions in place due to Covid-19. 

The Board noted the latest statement and updated guidance that had been published on Monday 12 April to coincide with the resumption of fundraising in England. The Board were also updated on two additional pieces of guidance, covering events and public collections that were subsequently published on 19 April 2021. 

The Board discussed the financial position and noted areas where there is a risk of overspending. The Board also discussed and agreed changes to the levels of reserves.

The Board were provided with an update on marketing and communications that included feedback from the Annual Event that had taken place remotely on 8 February 2021. The event was watched live by approximately 1000 people and has been viewed over 300 times on the website since. The Board were also updated on the plan for answering the questions that were posed at the event that were not answered on the day. This will be achieved via a range of communications throughout the year.

The Board discussed the Fundraising Preference Service and approved a change to the terms of the supplier contract that will see the costs of running the service significantly reduced in the coming year. The Board also noted the timetable for making changes to the FPS service in response to the findings of the Review of the FPS.

The Board discussed equality, diversity and inclusion and agreed that a strategy should be developed focusing on internal policies and processes in the first instance.

The Board noted that the Standards Committee were planning an update to the Code of Fundraising Practice in relation to free draws as the current wording is not accurate. This change will be publicised in May and come into effect in June 2021. 

Finally, the Board were updated on cases of significance.

The Board held a full meeting via videoconference due to the restrictions in place due to Covid-19. 

The Board were updated on the preparations for the Annual Public Event that will take place remotely for the first time on 8 February 2021.

The Board discussed in detail the latest financial position, in particular the results of the levy collection for the year 2020/21. The results so far have been very promising with a large number of charities complying. The Board agreed that any charities that have not paid after the final reminder letters have gone out later in January, will then be turned red on the Directory.

The Board agreed an updated budget based on actual levy and registration income. This signalled a move to the ‘optimal budget’ scenario that was expressed in the published business plan earlier in the year.

The Board were updated on a number of complex investigations, including a small number that have had to be reverted to lawyers for additional consideration. The Board noted the current position of the financial reserves, which have intentionally been built up in the past in order to cover the costs of litigation arising from casework challenges. 

The Board were updated on marketing and communications activity including the success of the latest pilot campaign to increase awareness of the Fundraising Preference Service.

The Board held a full meeting via videoconference due to the restrictions in place due to Covid-19. 

The Board thanked the staff team again for their flexibility and patience given the short return to office working, followed by more homeworking as the restrictions were strengthened.

The Board were updated on a staff awayday that had taken place via videoconference the previous week. The Board noted the latest developments on the guidance that has been produced jointly with the Chartered Institute of Fundraising. The Board noted the plans for the development of the next Strategic Plan, and discussed how to ensure adequate time for Board involvement when needed in the Regulator’s work during the pandemic. 

The Board were updated on the latest position regarding the levy collection and the overall financial position. However, as it was only the second month of the financial year this discussion was necessarily limited.

The Board discussed the findings and recommendations in the independent evaluation of the Fundraising Preference Service. The Board noted the contents of the report, and the Board agreed to accept all of the recommendations, though implementation of some of them would require engagement with the sector. The Board agreed a publication timetable for the report.

The Board noted the contents of a report on the service that the Regulator provides in response to fundraising enquires from fundraisers and members of the public. This was the first time such information had been made available due to improvements in reporting mechanisms. The Board agreed that it was very interesting and noted that some of this information would be shared more widely in the Regulator’s Annual Report and Accounts.

Finally, the Chair of the Scottish Fundraising Standards Panel provided an update on the work of the panel and their plans for the coming year.