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Board summaries

Minutes from the Board are summarised below.

Board meeting: 25 October 2018

The Board were updated on the latest work that had been undertaken in Northern Ireland, including participation at a number of events and work to chase levy payments.

The Board were also updated on the recruitment of the next Chair of the Regulator, and the Board appointed a new External Member to the Standards Committee (to be announced in due course).

The Board noted the current financial position, in particular the rates of payment for Levy Year 3. The draft Reports and Accounts were also discussed - they will be approved by the Chair in November and published on the website.

The Board discussed the Levy, and the options for consultation that were presented. The Board agreed to defer any decision on a levy consultation until the next Board meeting in February 2019, when there will be more information on the progress of Levy Year 3 and the new Chair will be in place.

The Board were updated on the latest position regarding the Fundraising Platforms, both in terms of how many had signed up to the Code by registering with the Fundraising Regulator and other developments.

The Board gave thanks to the Chair, as this was his last meeting before his term ends in December.

Board meeting: 5 February 2019

The Board welcomed Lord Harris to his first meeting as Chair of the Board.

The Board received a presentation on the initial findings of public research undertaken by the Fundraising Regulator. The Board agreed that more time should be made for discussion on the findings at the next Board meeting in May when the final report will have been received. The Board will consider publication of the findings after that.

The Board were updated on recruitment to fill current and known vacancies, including Board members, the Head of Casework, and Communications Manager. The Board reviewed the current financial position and approved the management accounts.

The Board discussed in detail the proposed changes to the Levy. This followed on from previous discussions at the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee and at the previous Board meeting. The Board approved the changes proposed by the Committee. It was agreed that in order to allow charities as long as possible to prepare for any changes, an announcement would be made in March.

A Casework update was presented, giving the latest statistics on the numbers of investigations and complaints and how quickly they are resolved. The Board were also updated on the decision about the International Liberty Association that was due to be published shortly.

The Board noted that from early March the list of charities that have breached the Code in relation to FPS would be made public.

Board meeting: 18 July 2018

The Board welcomed Jill Thompson and Kieron James to their first Board meeting. The Board reflected on the Annual Review Meeting that had preceded the Board meeting and the new website that had been successfully launched that morning.

The Board discussed developments regarding Fundraising Platforms in particular recent discussion in Parliament about the use of Gift Aid and issues around counter terrorism. The Board agreed that a letter should be sent to all of the platforms reminding of them the recent changes to the Code of Fundraising Practice and alerting them to the parliamentary activity.

The Board were updated on the recruitment for the new Chair which was to start immediately. Interviews are scheduled to take place in late October.

The Board noted the financial position as the regulator drew close to the end of Levy Year 2. The Board noted that the website project had been delivered within budget.

The Board approved the business plan and budget for 2018/19 which will be published on the website.

Considerable discussion took place on the item setting out proposals for the levy review. The options presented had been discussed by the Finance Audit and Risk Committee and included proposals on the basis on which the levy is calculated and the different levy bandings. The Board agreed that changes would need to be proposed in the review to correct unfairness in the existing system, but that more work was needed to further analyse the potential impact of any changes. The Review is due to take place in mid-November 2018 so the Board will make a final decision on what it includes when they meet in October 2018.

Finally the Board discussed the Fundraising Preference Service as a full year of statistics was available for the first time. The Board agreed to extend the current contract for running the FPS for a further two years.

Board meeting: 18 April 2018

The Board expressed their thanks to Stephen Dunmore (as this was his last Board meeting), in particular for his achievements in setting up the Regulator.

The Board were updated on the latest discussions that had taken place with giving platforms in relation to proposed changes to the Code of Fundraising Practice.

The Board discussed the recent recruitment of members to the Board and the new Chief Executive. They also noted the process for the recruitment of the new Chair which will begin in July.

The Board noted a decision made in correspondence to change the Regulator’s financial year end in order to bring it in line with the Levy year. The 2017/18 reporting cycle will be extended by 5  months until the end of August.

The Board approved the new three year Strategic Plan that had been updated following the Board’s discussion at the Away Day in January. The new Business Plan (September – August) will be finalised by the Board in July (in line with the new reporting cycle).

The Board approved a Communications Strategy for 2018 which particularly targets three audiences; small and medium sized charities, the public and Parliamentarians.

The Board noted the current financial position, in particular the number of organisations that have not yet paid Levy Year 2. The Board were verbally updated on discussions at the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee regarding the Levy Review (which will suggest changes to the Levy to be implemented in Levy Year 4, beginning September 2019). Initial proposals on the review will be discussed by the Board in July.

The Board discussed the investigation into the President’s Club.

The Board approved changes to the Code of Fundraising Practise in relation to complaints handing and TPS assured.

The Board were updated on the latest position regarding the Fundraising Preference Service, including that the first referrals have been made to the Information Commissioner and Charity Commission of organisations that have failed to on-board to the system to collect and implement their suppression requests.