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Street fundraising rulebook

This rulebook outlines how fundraisers engaging with members of the public in local areas are expected to behave.

Fundraisers are expected to respect the public and the fundraising environment:

  • avoiding behaviour which may harm the reputation of the fundraising profession;
  • terminating a conversation when a person does not wish to be engaged with;
  • avoiding deliberate obstruction or pursuing the public excessively;
  • maintaining distance from shop entrances, cash points and other street features;
  • avoiding members of the public who are seated or on duty; and
  • use of team bags.

Fundraisers are expected to safeguard the public:

  • identifying and terminating conversations with potentially vulnerable members of the public; and
  • being clearly identifiable as a charity representative through appearance.

Fundraisers are expected to ensure they adequately inform the public, making explicit to potential donors:

  • who they work for;
  • how their organisation will be paid;
  • length of commitment expected of the potential donor; and
  • financial nature of the donor ask.

Our rulebooks for face-to-face fundraisers set out the standards expected of fundraisers asking for direct debit donations.

All fundraisers are advised to incorporate these rules within their policies and procedures. This will ensure that staff understand and apply the rules.

Alongside compliance with the rule books it is the duty of fundraising organisations and fundraisers to ensure that their fundraising practices and those of any organisations they sub-contract are compliant with the Fundraising Regulator’s Code of Fundraising Practice.