Non charity registration form

Section 1: Company Details

Your registered office address.

Your company/CIC will need to have been registered for at least one year with Companies House

Section 2: Fundraising

Please select one option

To register with the Fundraising Regulator you will need to have been carrying out fundraising related activities for at least one year.

Please provide us with the name of a charity you have provided fundraising services.

Section 3: Contact Details

Main Contact - The main person we should communicate with about your registration

Head of Organisation - e.g. Director, Chief Executive

Finance Contact - This person will receive invoices 

Fundraising Contact - This is who we will contact if we receive a complaint

Complaints Contact - These details will be shown on the Directory. You can enter generic information.

Section 4: Policies and Turnover

Fees -  If you are a business working for a charity or voluntary organisation your registration fee should be calculated based on fundraising activity. This is defined as your company turnover of goods and services provided to your clients for the purposes of undertaking fundraising activity, or your spend on generating voluntary donations. 

Section 5: Declaration
Applicant details: