Code review 2022-25

Throughout 2022-25 the Fundraising Regulator is carrying out a two-year process of reviewing and updating the Code of Fundraising Practice.

The Code of Fundraising Practice sets out the standards that apply to fundraising carried out by all charitable institutions and third-party fundraisers in the UK. This includes registered charities, exempt charities, organisations employed by charities to raise funds for them, and online fundraising platforms. The code underpins the system of voluntary self-regulation which fundraisers commit to and provides a framework for assessing public complaints.

The last code review took place in 2018/19 and was largely a revision of the existing version, focussing on clarity, length and accessibility. Since then, changes in legislation, technology and fundraising behaviour have created a context in which the code would benefit from a full review.

Our approach

We review the code through an ongoing process of engagement with charities, fundraisers, regulatory partners, representative bodies, the public and other stakeholders. This allows us to make sure the code stays up to date, reflects best practice, and remains clear and accessible. 

We want an open dialogue with fundraisers on the standards to which the sector should hold itself accountable. Similarly, we want to make sure that the public has a voice by considering the needs and experiences of individuals being asked to give, particularly those in vulnerable circumstances. 

Outline of code review process and timeline

Set out below are our plans to ensure that the code review is based on evidence and takes account of the views of those who have an interest in the outcome. 

Phase one: Information gathering (2022-23)

We will begin the review process with an information gathering exercise, seeking views on how the code can be improved so that it provides an effective regulatory framework now and in the future. This will include:

  • An eight-week public call for information which closed on 25 November 2022.
  • Targeted engagement with other regulators and voluntary sector partners with an interest in the regulation of charitable fundraising. This will include organisations representing certain groups – such as small charities - who may sometimes struggle to have their opinions heard, and colleagues from the devolved nations to make sure the code review process considers views from across the UK.
  • Research into the public’s experience and expectations of charitable fundraising to help identify parts of the code that may require attention.

Phase two: Public consultation (2023)

We developed proposals for amending the code that took account of the feedback gathered through the information gathering phase. 

In autumn 2023, we ran a 12-week public consultation to gather feedback on any proposals for change. All interested parties were encouraged to respond. Our code consultation closed on 1 December 2023.

You can watch our code consultation webinar ran in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Fundraising for more information about the proposed changes and our code consultation.

Phase three: Implementation of new code (2024-25)

In early 2024, we will produce an updated code based on feedback and evidence collected through the information gathering and consultation processes. 

In mid 2024, we will conduct an eight-week stakeholder engagement exercise on the new code.

In early 2025, the new code will be published on our website alongside a timetable for implementation. 

Contact us

For more information about the code review process, email or call 0300 999 3407.