Code review 2022-24 public call for information: closed November 2022

Throughout 2022-2024, the Fundraising Regulator is carrying out a two-year process of reviewing and updating the Code of Fundraising Practice (the code) to make sure it stays up to date, reflects best practice, and remains clear and accessible.

Find out more about the review of the code 2022-24.

About the call for information

This call for information seeks views on how the code can be improved so that it provides an effective regulatory framework, now and in the future.

Who can respond

We welcome feedback from anyone with relevant knowledge, expertise or experience of charitable fundraising. This includes:

  • donors
  • charitable institutions 
  • fundraising platforms
  • agencies
  • legal experts
  • regulators
  • representative bodies; and
  • fundraising professionals.

How to respond

We are keen to receive thoughts on how the code can be updated so that it sets a proportionate, future proof regulatory framework that protects donors and the public while avoiding undue constraints on fundraisers. 

Respondents are free to comment on any aspect of the code, but may find it helpful to consider the following questions when submitting feedback:

  • Which parts of the code do you think work well, and why?
  • Are there any issues relating to charitable fundraising that the code does not adequately cover?
  • Do any standards in the code need be updated, for example, to reflect advancements in technology, new legislation, or changes to donor and fundraising behaviour?
  • Do any parts of the code contain overly prescriptive or unnecessary standards? 
  • Are there any ways in which the code could be made shorter, clearer or more accessible?

When responding, please:

  • include your name and, where applicable, your organisation name
  • indicate if you are a member of the public or replying on behalf of an organisation
  • indicate which specific standards or sections of the code you are commenting on
  • explain in as much detail as possible the rationale for any feedback given
  • for detailed responses, consider using subheadings to make reading and navigation easier. 

For detailed responses, please include a Word document as an attachment. 

For all responses, please include your name and organisation name in the subject line.

This call for information is closed.

Next steps

We will not publish responses in full. We will summarise the feedback we receive and share this anonymously on our website in due course.

Find out more about the timescales for review of the code 2022-24.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the code review process, email or call 0300 999 3407.