Code of Fundraising Practice consultation response: closed April 2017

Summary of question responses and proposed changes


The Fundraising Regulator’s first Consultation on the Code of Fundraising Practice took place between 3rd February and 28th April 2017. The Consultation sought views on the following areas:

  • A: Charity Trustees
  • B:The fundraising ask
  • C: Solicitation (disclosure) statements
  • D: Raising concerns about fundraising practice (whistleblowing)
  • E: People in vulnerable circumstances
  • F: Charity collection bags
  • G: Third parties
  • H: The Code – general questions

The Consultation sought qualitative and quantitative feedback. For each area of the consultation, this summary document sets out:

  • The percentage of respondents who agreed with any proposed changes to the Code set out in the Consultation.
  • The key points raised by respondents.
  • The response of the Fundraising Regulator in answer to the points raised by respondents, including amendments that may be required to the Code consultation rules as drafted. Responses to Section H will be considered as part of a wider review of the Code.


The consultation received 225 responses, with 182 from named organisations (a list of these organisations can be found in Annex A).

Of the total responses, 199 were complete. The highest level of engagement with the consultation was from Charities (59%).

36 respondents classified themselves as individuals while 129 identified their response to be on behalf of a charity. Fundraising managers and staff were the most prominent role represented, making up 36% of the total.

Additional input from public workshops

In addition to the consultation, the Fundraising Regulator engaged Light and Shade, a research consultancy, to carry out deliberative workshops with the public. Deliberative Workshops are a form of facilitated group discussion that provide participants with the opportunity to consider an issue in depth. This research was conducted as a means of testing some of the wider consultation themes and proposals, specifically, the fundraising ask, solicitation statements and vulnerability. An executive summary of the findings from these workshops can be found in Annex B and these views are referenced at the end of the relevant section summary.