Charity registration

Charities that fundraise in England, Wales and Northern Ireland can apply to register with the Fundraising Regulator. 

If your charity spends over £100,000 on fundraising each year, we will invite your organisation to make a voluntary contribution to support the cost of fundraising regulation through the annual fundraising levy. Registration is also open to charities which spend less than £100,000 a year on their fundraising activity.

Reasons to register

Registering with us means you can show people that you are committed to fundraising in a way that is legal, open, honest and respectful in line with the Code of Fundraising Practice. All registered organisations can display the Fundraising Badge on their fundraising materials – the logo that says ‘registered with Fundraising Regulator’ – and are listed in our public directory. Find out more reasons to register with the Fundraising Regulator.

Eligibility for charity registration

Organisations which apply to register as charities must: 

  • be registered with either the Charity Commission for England and Wales or the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland 
  • commit to meeting the standards in the Code of Fundraising Practice; and
  • agree to our registration terms and conditions for charities.

If your organisation is an unregistered charity, exempt charity or other type of voluntary organisation please contact us so that we can assess whether you are eligible to register as a charity or non charity.

Registration fees

Charities pay a registration fee scaled on the basis of their fundraising expenditure, see our registration fee page for full details about how we calculate this.

Fees for arm’s-length bodies are dependent on their charitable status; those that are registered charities are charged on the basis of their fundraising expenditure, and those that are exempt charities pay a flat rate. Large higher education institutions also pay a flat rate.

Before applying to register

Before you start your application, you must:

Apply to register

Please complete this form if you are a charity applying to register with the Fundraising Regulator.

We aim to respond to all applications within seven days. Your application will be assessed by our registration team and you may be asked to provide further supporting evidence.