Non charities

There are many good reasons for organisations that are not charities to register with us.

Charities increasingly need to be able to show that their partners’ standards are consistent with their own. The Charities Act 2016 requires third parties to say what standards they sign up to as part of fundraising agreements with charities.

Commercial businesses, commercial participators and public interest bodies that fundraise can all apply to register with us.

Organisations need to have a track record of operating in a fundraising capacity and commit themselves to following the Code of Fundraising Practice, the Fundraising Promise and our terms and conditions before we can consider their applications.

We especially encourage the following organisations to sign up to good fundraising practice by registering with us:

  • agencies offering telemarketing or face-to-face fundraising services;

  • direct marketing agencies;

  • online donation sites and fundraising platforms;

  • payroll giving services;

  • commercial clothing collectors;

  • companies exclusively offering fundraising products eg charity Christmas cards, affinity sites for purchases; and

  • fundraising consultants.

To register, non charities must complete the form below. This is followed by a review that requires you to demonstrate the charitable fundraising element of your work. We will only consider registration of organisations that can demonstrate a track record of operating in a fundraising capacity. This includes committing themselves to following the Code of Fundraising Practice before the Regulator can consider or re-consider any application. We aim to respond to all applications within seven days.


Non charities are charged according to their annual turnover. There is parity between the thresholds that apply to agencies and those that apply to charities. The median cost to agencies represents less than 0.5% of annual turnover.

Table showing commercial organisations turnover and fee

Non-Charity Registration Form

Please complete this form if you are a commercial business, fundraising agency or community interest company (CIC) applying to register with the Fundraising Regulator.
Section 1: Company Details

Your company will need to have been registered for at least one year with companies house.
Section 2: Fundraising Services

To register with the Fundraising Regulator you will need to have been carrying out fundraising related activities for at least one year.

Please provide us with the name of a charity you have worked with, you can add more than one charity if needed.
If you are fundraising for a charity, please provide the full name, role and email address at one of the charities you have identified above to act as your reference - 

Section 3: Contact Details

Main Contact -  The main person for the Fundraising Regulator to approach 

Head of Organisation - Director, Chief Executive

Finance Contact - This person will receive invoices 

Fundraising Contact - This is who we will contact if we receive a complaint

Complaints Contact - These details will be shown on the Directory. You can enter generic information.

Further information on how we will process your information is available in our Privacy Policy.
Section 4: Registration Fee & Policies
Please note that you will need at least one full year of turnover on fundraising activities. If you do not yet have a full year then please contact the registration team: 

If you are a business working for a charity or voluntary organisation your registration fee should be calculated based on fundraising activity. This is defined as your company turnover of goods and services provided to your clients for the purposes of undertaking fundraising activity.

Annual fees are calculated as follows:

Annual turnover

Amount you pay

Up to £99,999


£100,000 - £149,999


£150,000 - £199,999


£200,000 - £499,999


£500,000 - £999,999


£1 million - £1,999,999


£2 million - £4,999,999


£5 million - £9,999,999


£10 million - £19,999,999


£20 million - £49,999,999


£50 million +


You must have a published complaints procedure for your application to be considered.
Section 5: Declaration
Applicant details: