Clothing collection bins: Statement by the Fundraising Regulator about notices and correspondence issued by "Compounding Action" and "Fundraising Bureau of Investigations"

The Fundraising Regulator is aware that Compounding Action (registered company number 10879744) has been issuing notices to registered charities and non-charitable bodies (such as supermarkets), claiming that the notices are issued in conjunction with the Fundraising Regulator and the Charity Commission. A sample copy of such a notice accompanies this statement.

The notices say that the owners of clothing banks have failed to comply with various Acts of Parliament or Regulations. In addition, we are aware that some organisations may have received correspondence from an entity named Fundraising Bureau of Investigations Ltd (registered company number 11807195), claiming that it is conducting an industry wide investigation and seeking the provision of contractual documents. 

The Fundraising Regulator wishes to make it clear that these notices and correspondence are issued without its consent and it is not party to them.

Organisations receiving these notices and correspondence should be clear that they are under no obligation to comply with them or to provide Compounding Action or Fundraising Bureau of Investigations with the information they ask for or to meet any costs they say they may incur.  

Neither Compounding Action nor Fundraising Bureau of Investigations is acting with the authority of The Fundraising Regulator.  

September 2019

Sample enforcement notice