Code of Fundraising Practice updated in line with GDPR

Updates have been made to the Code of Fundraising Practice to incorporate the General Data Protection Regulation. Changes to UK law and the Code took effect on 25th May.

The updates have been developed in consultation with the Information Commissioner’s Office. Definitions for key data activities such as “processing”, “consent” and “legitimate Interest” are included.

“GDPR will have a clear impact on how charities conduct fundraising. We have been impressed by the proactive, progressive approach taken by most of the sector.”

The Code also features links to the Data Protection Act 2018 which brings GDPR into law.

Organisations with concerns about GDPR should consult the Fundraising Regulator’s bitesize guidance. It has been developed in partnership with the Institute of Fundraising.

Gerald Oppenheim of the Fundraising Regulator said: “Implemented correctly, GDPR is an opportunity for charities to understand how important the correct use of data is for their fundraising. This is essential for maintaining public trust and confidence.”

The Regulator is committed to helping charities understand how GDPR impacts their fundraising. This has included holding a joint conference in Manchester last year with the ICO and the Charity Commission.