Coronavirus (COVID-19): Statement from Fundraising Regulator and Chartered Institute of Fundraising - Withdrawn Jan 2021

This statement has been withdrawn - please refer to the latest statement from the Fundraising Regulator.

A local restriction tier system will be in place in England from Wednesday 2 December 2020. Fundraising organisations are reminded to review the restrictions that apply in each tier before carrying out any public fundraising activity (including door-to-door, street, and private site fundraising).

As part of planning any return to public fundraising activity, organisations should find out what tier their area is in and the restrictions that apply for areas in which they may be planning to fundraise. 

In addition, we strongly encourage all organisations to:

  • Incorporate the new tiered restrictions into their risk assessments.
  • Train fundraisers to ensure they are confident in all safety processes required.
  • Make sure that any permissions needed to undertake public fundraising (whether in a private site or public place) are valid.
  • Implement our guidance on public fundraising.

In other UK nations, fundraising should be carried out in line with the restrictions that apply in each country, regionally and according to our guidance. These arrangements should be reviewed regularly as they may change over time.