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Good fundraising as standard: why third parties should register with us

Prior to September 2017, registration with the Fundraising Regulator was only open to charities. However, the launch of registration for commercial fundraising businesses and Commercial Participators this month recognises the increasingly diverse fundraising arrangements between charities and third parties, and the role that all sections of the fundraising community play in promoting high standards. Here are 5 reasons why signing up to voluntary regulation as a third party fundraiser has never been more vital.

Legal duties

New legal duties in the Charities Act 2016 require third parties as well as charities to say what fundraising standards they sign up to. Likewise, charities will increasingly need to be able to show that their partner’s standards are consistent with their own.

Good business

Building a reputation is about credibility. Using our ‘Registered With’ logo gives charity partners and the public confidence that you commit to high standards of fundraising.

Increasingly, other organisations are using registration with the Fundraising Regulator as a prerequisite for giving permission for fundraising on their sites.

Stay up-to-date

In 2016/17, we produced a wealth of guidance to help fundraisers understand their responsibilities, including:

  • Producing sector specific guidance on the Charities Act 2016 and data and consent in relation to fundraising.
  • Conducting a wide-ranging consultation on the Code of Fundraising Practice.
  • Answering over 1000 enquiries from organisations to help them understand and meet their compliance requirements.

Public confidence in fundraising

Help us stop poor fundraising practice and take action against those organisations that hurt the reputation of fundraisers with the public. In 2016/17, we received 713 complaints about charities from the public, closing 621 cases and investigating 30. We publish the outcomes of investigations in order to share learning.

As a registered organisation, you will be listed on our Public Register, making your commitment transparent and sending the message that you hold yourself publically accountable.

Give fundraisers a say in the standards they work to

The Government have made it clear that statutory regulation of fundraising will follow if the voluntary system fails. By registering, you will help to ensure that fundraising organisations continue to have a strong voice in the standards to which the sector is held to account.