Important alert: FPS spoof email

We are aware of a spoof email being sent to charities, asking for money for the Fundraising Preference Service or saying that an invoice is due. To clarify, we DO NOT send out invoices for the Fundraising Preference Service, as the cost of this service is covered by the fundraising levy.

Please do not confuse the spoof email with the legitimate invoices we are currently sending out for Year 3 of the fundraising levy. These invoices are sent to organisations that spend more than £100,000 on fundraising, using the email address

If you’re concerned because you have received a spoof FPS email, or think you might have, please get in contact with us on 0300 999 3407 or at

If you know of any other organisations you think might be affected by this, please share this advice with them. We have reported this incident to Action Fraud.