Kieron James appointed as Board Member

Founder of the Wonderful Organisation will become a new board member in July.

Kieron James will become an a member on the Board on 18th July, when the Board next meets. He brings a new area of expertise, having founded an online fundraising platform. James also founded the free telephone conference service WHYPAY? and has decades of experience in the IT sector.

The range of experience on the board now includes fundraising and digital expertise.

“I am delighted to join the Fundraising Regulator’s board. I have been greatly impressed by their commitment to understanding this new aspect of fundraising”

This follows on from an announcement last week of new rules to help platforms meet the same levels of transparency expected of other fundraising organisations.

Lord Grade, Chair, said: “I am pleased to announce the appointment of Kieron James. His experience and expertise will prove invaluable as we aim to keep informed of digital fundraising developments. We are committed to ethical fundraising that protects the donor, whether it takes place in-person, by phone or online.”