New guidance on handling complaints

New guidance released today helps organisations deal with complaints about fundraising appropriately. The guidance defines what a complaint is. It also outlines what is expected of organisations when handling complaints.

“This guidance will help people settle disputes with charities directly.” Michael Smyth

The corresponding change to the code requires that organisations have a clear and publicly available complaints procedure. Organisations must investigate complaints fairly, proportionately and without undue delay.

“Some organisations need to improve the way they deal with complaints about their fundraising. This guidance will help people settle disputes with charities directly”, said Michael Smyth, chair of the Fundraising Regulator Complaints and Investigations Committee.

Both the change to the code and the complaints handling guidance emphasise the need for organisations to learn from the complaints they receive and apply the learning to future fundraising activity. This supports the regulator’s work to protect the public from poor fundraising practice.

Suzanne McCarthy, Chair of the Fundraising Regulator Standards Committee said: “The response we received to the consultation earlier this year was very supportive for the change we proposed to make on complaints handling. The guidance produced by the casework team will no doubt help fundraisers and charities comply with this additional and important standard.”