Registration opened for charities

The Fundraising Regulator has now opened its registration system to charities registered in England and Wales, that fall below the £100,000 fundraising levy threshold. This has come as part of a stepped process that saw levy payers registered from October 2016 and former FRSB members registered from February 2017.

All charities registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales can now pay an annual administration fee of £50 to register with the Regulator and use the ‘Registered With’ badge on fundraising materials.

Those that register are committing to best practice in fundraising, to following the Code of Fundraising Practice and its associated Fundraising Rulebooks and to the Fundraising Promise.

The Regulator plans to open registration to non-registered charities from April 2017 and to third-party organisations from May 2017.   There are also plans to list on our website all charities that have registered with the Regulator.

Stephen Dunmore, CEO of the Fundraising Regulator said: “The launch of registration marks another important milestone for the Fundraising Regulator. It provides charities with a recognised approach for demonstrating their commitment to best practice in fundraising, and allows the public to become familiar with the new system of regulation that has been in place following the closure of the Fundraising Standards Board last year.”

More information on registration can be found here