Survey on sharing information about fundraising complaints: Closed August 2023

This survey closed on 18 August 2023.

About this survey

Each year we publish our Annual Complaints Report which presents insights from our casework alongside complaints reported by a sample of the UK’s largest fundraising charities. To make sure that the way we share information about complaints is useful to you, we have developed this survey to help us identify where we may need to review our reporting on fundraising complaints data from charities. 

This survey will assess:

  • how useful you find the data we collect about fundraising complaints from charities
  • the ways we can improve our reporting, and 
  • how this information could be better presented in the future. 

The survey also includes questions about the information we publish about our casework and whether this informs how fundraising is carried out in your organisation in any way.

Who can respond

Any person associated with an organisation that has an interest in complaints about charitable fundraising can respond – this includes both charities and non-charities such as commercial agencies or online fundraising platforms. Your organisation does not have to be registered with the Fundraising Regulator for you to take part.

How to respond

We estimate this survey will take 10 minutes to complete. Please answer the questions as fully as possible and provide further comments, where requested. Your answers will help us to make sure that any future reporting on fundraising complaints from charities is meaningful and helpful to your organisation.

We will not share the information you provide to us externally without your consent. We will only use your data for the purposes outlined in our privacy policy and the free prize draw terms and conditions.

Take part

This survey closed on 18 August 2023.

If you need the survey information in an alternative format, please get in touch.

Next steps

We will not publish responses in full. We have summarised the key outcomes of the feedback we received on our website in this blog post.

Contact us

If you have any questions, contact our policy team through the code advice service by email at or call 0300 999 3407.