Consultation on the Code of Fundraising Practice: closed April 2017

In the spring of 2017 we consulted on changes to the Code of Fundraising Practice, including monitoring arrangements between charities and third parties, oversight of fundraising activities by trustees and requesting donations from people in vulnerable circumstances.

A discussion paper was released in February 2017 setting out proposals for the changes and seeking responses to questions set out at the end of the paper. Comments were invited until Friday 28 April 2017.

A paper summarising our response was published in July 2017 specifying changes to the code and a proposed timetable for implementation.

In addition to the consultation, the Fundraising Regulator engaged Light and Shade, a research consultancy, to carry out deliberative workshops with the public. Deliberative Workshops are a form of facilitated group discussion that provide participants with the opportunity to consider an issue in depth. This research was conducted as a means of testing some of the wider consultation themes and proposals, specifically, the fundraising ask, solicitation statements and vulnerability.

Click here to read the consultation paper released in February 2017.

Click here to read the response paper and appendices released in July 2017.

Click here to read the report published by Light and Shade.