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A complaint about ‘on behalf of’ fundraising: Mr L

The complaint

A charity failed to verify the identity of a volunteer that visited Mr L’s property collecting sponsorship money on their behalf.

Our findings

Our investigation found that the charity were not sufficiently ‘open’ with Mr L when responding to his complaint. This caused confusion.

We found the charity needed to improve the processes it has in place for allowing members of the public to verify the identity of the volunteer.

Our recommendations

We recommended that the charity consider updating its policy to make those issued with a letter of authority aware that their details could be used to verify that they are fundraising in aid of the charity.

We also recommended that the charity consider having a system in place to pass queries about validating fundraisers on to the department that holds the authority to respond and how it would deal with these queries should they be made out of office hours.

We also asked the charity to update its fundraising pack to reflect its views on registered fundraisers seeking sponsorship or support by knocking on doors of people they do not know.

Finally, we recommended that the charity provide Mr L with an apology.

The charity accepted our findings and recommendations.