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A complaint about misleading fundraising: Mr J

The complaint

Mrs J complained that a charity was selling a product on the basis that “all proceeds” would go to them, and that this was false and misleading.

Our findings

We found that the charity had not used the term “all proceeds” incorrectly and so had not breached the Code.

We also found that the charity did not adequately explain why, in these circumstances, the statement was appropriate. This caused confusion.

Our recommendations

We recommended that the charity reviews the process of handing queries to the correct department and the process for the sharing of information and learning between teams.

We also recommended that the charity considers using a consistent approach to the use of term “all proceeds” and “all profits”.

Finally, we recommended that the charity apologise to Ms J for the confusion caused and for the way in which it handled her complaint.

The charity accepted our findings and recommendations.