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A complaint that an FPS request was not actioned: Ms Q

The complaint

Ms Q used the Fundraising Preference Service (FPS) to stop a charity contacting her, but they continued to send her marketing mailings afterwards.

Our findings

We found that the charity had set up its FPS record and were receiving regular FPS notifications. However, the charity’s internal FPS process was dependent on one individual who did not update the charity’s database. This meant that Ms Q’s request was not actioned for nearly three months.

We also found that the charity did not have a process in place to check if FPS requests were being actioned.

By not carrying out Ms Q’s FPS request, the charity failed to act in line with the Section 11 of the Data Protection Act and breached the Code.

Our recommendations

The charity accepted our findings and had added extra steps into its process to make sure that it does not breach the Code again. We, therefore, did not find it necessary to make any recommendations. However, because of the nature of the breach of the Code, we did send a copy of our decision to the Charity Commission and the Information Commissioner.