Macmillan Cancer Support: September 2019

Name and type of organisation: Macmillan Cancer Support (registered charity no. 261017) a cancer charity

Fundraising method: General fundraising

Code themes examined: Misleading information, complaints handling

Code breach? No

The complaint

The complainant told us that the charity advertise that they help everyone with cancer. However, they were aware of a number of individuals who had not received face-to-face support from the charity when they or a loved one experienced cancer. They felt that the charity’s campaign misinformed the general public. They complained to the charity but remained dissatisfied.

What happened?

The charity's campaign uses the phrases "we're here to help everyone with cancer live life as fully as they can, providing physical, financial and emotional support" and "whatever cancer throws your way, we're right there with you." The complainant stated that they are aware of a number of individuals that the charity did not provide face-to-face support when they had a loved one going through cancer treatment.

Our decision

Our investigation focused on information on the charity’s website because the charity’s television advertisement did not contain a fundraising request.

We found that the wording and other information on the charity's website did not suggest that its face-to-face services were available in every area, and that the charity was not fundraising on this basis. As such, we found that the charity's online fundraising campaign was not misleading.

We reviewed the correspondence between the charity and the complainant and found that the charity had responded appropriately to the complaint. We also found that it has processes in place in order to identify learning from complaints.




There are no actions for the charity.